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This section will contain a portfolio of my works...
For now it only has a list of current and old projects which needs updating

Current Projects

Abunai Foundation (01/2006 - current)
The Abunai! Foundation organises a yearly 3-day convention based on promoting japanese (pop)culture.
Part of my job with this non-profit foundation, consisting purely out of volunteers, is maintaining the website (and server).
I wrote the registration system for ticket sales, aswell as the check-in system for visitors at the convention itself, which was used till 2009.

ghItlh (Guestbook) (Continues Developement, Current version: v1.06)
ghItlh is Klingon for "To Write".
Current 'Work In Progress' Version: v1.07
Easy to customize colours and has alot of options.
Emoticons + BBcode support, and deletion/editing/commenting of posts by an admin.
This guestbook is currently running for the following sites:

Past Projects

To Elysium (???? - 2004)
Website for the dutch 'gothic-metal' band To Elysium.
The band quit, but I still have a backup of the website for anyone interested in seeing it.
Design by Alicia Heck, programming and maintenance by me (and some rework on the design).

After Forever (???? - ????)
Website for the dutch 'gothic-metal' band After Forever.
During the end of the 'Prison Of Desire' era I was webmaster of the official website together with XdeckX.
Mainly some little changes in programming and maintenance.
Also busy with the community (chatroom + forum).

Valkyre (End 2004 - Beginning 2005)
Temporary website for the 'melodic atmospherical metal' band Valkyre.
Programming & Content by me, banner design by Caretaker Creations

Trail Of Tears (02/2006 - 03/2006)
Helped with updating their website, and helped natascha (Studio Mystica) with the new website.
Big focus on that was for cross browser compatibility.
Also provided the guestbook software.

JEM Producties (05/2006)
Wrote a simple email form for contact email aswell as an email form for signing up for a modeling contest.
The email form supports the adding of images as attachements which can be read in any email client supporting attachements.
http://www.jemmodels.nl & http://www.jemproducties.nl

Delain (2002 - 07/2006)
Website for the metal band Delain.
(Temporary) Designs by [email protected]. Programming and maintenance by me.

Delain (07/2006 - 01/2007)
Helping out with the new website (now made by Ronald Landa).
Making modifications and updates.
Intergrated my photogallery into the website.

Delain (01/2007 - 08/2009)
Helping out with the new website (now made by Ronald Landa).
Admin at the forum.
Due to disagreements between me and their record company, the developement of a new website was canceled midway (although I did do the coding for the layout and a large part of the rest was also done already).

Epica (02/2006 - 06/2006)
Website for the 'gothic metal' band Epica.
Previous website design and programming by Caretaker Creations
Made some changes and small additions (to be able to move it to a new server) to the old website
Changed it from an old PHP driven chatroom to an IRC chatroom (powered by Umbranet)

Infernorama (2004 - 2008)
Website for the rock opera Infernorama.
Design by Cerr (except for the logo).
Programming and maintenance by me.

Asthenia (07/2006 - 09/2006)
Intergrated my photo gallery into their website.
Also helped with some recoding of the new website (HTML 4.01 Transitional Validated, but without doctype).

JEM Producties (09/2006 - 11/2006)
A company made up out of students and volunteers aiming itself at media and promotion.
They asked me to help them out with maintaining their websites and domains.
Amongst other things they represent several BN'ers (Bekende Nederlanders, Well Known Dutch people (usually media/tv)).
Before, I already made an email form for their modeling contest.

Elexorien (01/2007)
Helped them out with setting up their new website.
Mainly consisted out of setting up a simple framework in php to let the website run in,
slicing their design into usefull pieces and general advice on how to do certain things.

The Wounded (2004 - ???)
Website for the gothic band The Wounded.
Original Programming by Remi4ever.
Re-Programming and maintenance by me.

Umbranet (2003 - ???)
IRC Network dedicated to hosting official chatrooms for bands in the metal/rock genres
but also other genres.
I'm an IRC-Admin / Services-Root at this network.
My main jobs are keeping the network running (doing user related tasks), PR & promotion.
Umbranet is an initiative of Syntonix.

Epica (06/2006 - 2012)
Written a new website from the ground up, including an easy to use CMS system.
Applied a new layout to the website 29/08/2007, which only required new graphics due to the dynamic nature of the websites code.

DoqAmp v2.0 (Developement stopped)
New version of my WinAmp script for mIRC.
Will contain a full dialog configuration window.
Also highly improved skinning support.
Status: Because I pretty much stopped using mIRC completely in favour of irssi, I've stopped developement of this project.

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